YES! You can!

  1. Can I create an unlimited number of courses?
  2. Can I upload an unlimited number of files?
  3. Can I upgrade, downgrade, cancel whenever I want?
  4. Can I start using it immediately without downloading anything?
  5. Can I use my own presentations and documents?
  6. Can I reuse content from tools like Scribd, Sharepoint, YouTube, Vimeo and Wikipedia?
  7. Can I use SCORM files?
  8. Can I use Articulate Storyline and Articulate Presenter courses?
  9. Can I create tests?
  10. Can I create surveys?
  11. Can I create learning paths?
  12. Can I share courses with non-registered users?
  13. Can I issue my own certifications?
  14. Can I sell my courses through Paypal?
  15. Can I use my own logo and theme?
  16. Can I have my own domain?
  17. Can I extend user profiles with my fields?
  18. Can I import/export everything?
  19. Can I create my own user-types by selecting subsets of available characteristics?
  20. Can I separate users and courses (branching)?
  21. Can I customize branches with their own domain and theme?
  22. Can I build reports for system, users, courses, branches, groups?
  23. Can I see a timeline with system events?
  24. Can I customize the emails sent to end-users?
  25. Can I send customized emails on system events?
  26. Can I use it from my iPad?
  27. Can I communicate through an SSL encypted and authenticated channel?
  28. Can I have access to free support for the duration of my paid subscription?
  29. Can I integrate it with other services through an API?
  30. Can I integrate it with Wordpress?
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